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Product description

Product description


OMG-GYRO-M5 3-AXIS Gyro for 1/27th,1/28th RC Car, MINI-Z & MINI-Q 
Weight:g: 14
Size:mm: 21x15x8.8
Spec. & Description
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3-AXIS Gyro system for RC MINI RC car


Sensitivity gain function

1.Adjust the gain   value by transmitter’s sensitivity channel, range from -100% ~ 0 ~ + 100%.

   a. 0 is no gain at all.

   b. -100%/+ 100% is the maximum sensitivity gain.

2. When the gain wire is not used, use the gyroscope's own potentiometer to adjust the gain value.

Instruction of Function Switch

1. EPA (Travel setting)

Press   the   “ SW ”   switch   to   power on.   White LED blinks slowly, entering to the servo travel   setting .   Rotate   the   transmitter‘s steering wheel to make servo stop at the desired position (turn left / turn right). Short   press   “SW”   switch,   then   white LED blinks 2 times   quickly;   red &   green LED   becomes   solid; and   blue   LED blinks slowly. It   means current travel has been saved. Then rotate the   transmitter’s   steering   wheel   to   make   the   servo   stop at the other   desired   position. Short   press the   switch, then   white LED blinks   2   times   quickly,   and   keep   solid light after that. It means current travel   has   been   saved   as well.   2seconds   later, the gyro will automatically enter   into   initialization mode .   Once   the initialization is completed, gyro is ready for use.

2.Reset ( Travel Restore Default Setting)

Press   the   “ SW ”   switch   to   power   on   and   enter   into   the travel setting mode. After pressing and holding the switch for 3 seconds, the   red LED and chartreuse LED starts   to   blink   alternately. 2 seconds   later,   restore   to   default setting. Then it will enter into initialization mode. Once the initialization is completed, the gyro is ready for use.

3.Back-and-forth setting for Gain

After   double-click   SW   button 2 times under the normal working status , the   orange   LED   will slowly blinks 3 times. Then switch-over the Back-and-forth direction of the gain.

4.AVCS mode

Press   the   SW   switch for 2 seconds under the working status, and release   the   switch   after   the   yellow LED blinks 2 times. Switch-over normal mode and AVCS mode.

5.X/Y/Z axis setting

Press and hold the SW switch for 5 seconds under normal working status, and   the   yellow LED blinks   3 times (Please do not release the SW switch   when the yellow   LED blinks 2 times at 2 seconds). Then   release   the SW   switch   and enter into the axis setting mode.   Under   this   mode,   press   the   SW switch and the red LED quickly blinks 2 times and keep solid light. It is the default Z axis. Repress the SW switch   and   switch-over   to   X axis.   The   green   LED   will quickly   blinks   2   times   and   keep   solid   light .   Repress   the   SW switch   and   switch-over   to   Y axis.   The blue LED will keep solid light. If   repress   the   SW   switch, will   switch-over to Z axis again (cycling as this way).If   you   do   not   press   the   SW   switch   after   entering   into the axis setting   mode, the   gyro   will   exit   the setting mode and be back to normal working mode after the white LED blinks 2 times.The setting sequence of the 3 axis: Z(default)-X-Y-Z...

Note: If   you   do not release   the SW switch after entering the axis setting mode, the gyro will keep in the axis setting mode until you release   the SW switch and the gyro will exit the setting mode and be back to normal working mode after the white LED blinks 2times.

Input Signal Type

1.If the input period of the analog servo signal is within 10-20MS, the   output   period   of   the   gyroscope   follows   the   input   period.

2.Suitable   for   FUTABA   SBUS2   signal   input   and   servo   3MS period output.

3.Suitable for FUTABA SR signal input and SR output.

4.Suitable   for   SANWA   SSR \ SUR \ SHR   signal   input and   SSR\SUR\SHR output.