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Product description

Product description


POLARIS 120A D-Run Sensored/Sensorless Brushless ESC with BOOST&TURBO Function without Program Card 
ESC Category: Brushless
Weight:g: 112
Size:mm: 41x39x32
Spec. & Description
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This ESC is especially made with focus on 1:10 drift cars and on road racing. This is a new updated version of the OMG-POLARIS DR-120AX3.

1.Electronic switch.

2.BEC Output:6-5V/3-5A Linear regulator mode

This ESC is suitable for 1:10 drift car, on-road car and TC. It is strongly recommended to read the instructions carefully before use.

Firstly, when connecting the motor and the ESC, the #A, #B, #C wires of the ESC MUST be connected with the motor wire #A, #B, #C respectively. Do not change the wires sequence! otherwise, the ESC will be definitely burnt out when increasing the throttle during use.

Secondly, when welding the power cable and the motor cable, please be sure not to have a short circuit and not to drop the tin slag into the ESC, otherwise the ESC and the motor will be burnt out instantly.

Thirdly, when welding the capacitor pack with the power cable together, special attention should be paid to the positive and negative poles. The wrong welding of the positive and negative poles of the capacitor pack will cause the capacitor pack to burst and burn.

Finally, when checking whether the ESC is running normally, you must connect the ESC with the motor, receiver, and battery. In order to observe whether the ESC is running normally, it is recommended to install the fan at the same time. If the receiver is not connected, it is impossible to know whether the ESC is running.

This ESC is a powerful competition-grade ESC. The factory default parameter settings are competition-grade. Therefore, the car will only go forward and have brakes, but reverse is disabled. This mode is suitable for competition purposes. If you need to use it as a practice and need reverse, then Please use the RCOMG OMG-ESC-P3 programming box, and select the mode as practice mode.

In order to match the ESC to your transmitters throttle range, you must calibrate it before use. Calibration must be performed as per the manual.

Warning: When the ESC is turned on, the motor cannot be tested for idling. Otherwise, the ESC will be overheat when accelerating, and the ESC will switch to the overheat protection mode. If the situation is serious, the ESC or the motor will be burned.

Since every branded brushless sensored motor in the market is not real mechanical zero-advance angle, BOOST TIME will gradually increase according to the speed during operation. So if you are a beginner and use a sensored brushless motor, it is recommended that the BOOST TIIME value is set to 0 degrees, and the TURBO TIME value should not exceed 10 degrees.

If you are a skilled top player, please gradually increase the BOOST TIME value according to your car’s type, gear ratio, and motor. If the motor is not a mechanical zero-advance angle, it is recommended that the BOOST TIME value should not exceed 15 degrees, and the TURBO TIME value should not exceed 20 degrees. . If you feel the temperature of the motor is very hot, it means that you need to reset the BOOST TIME value. In the end, the ESC and the motor are matched. If the BOOST and TURBO parameters of the ESC are set too high, the motor or the ESC may be burned.

Note: The total advance angle of the ESC and the motor cannot exceed 60 degrees.

The formula is: motor advance angle (mechanical 0 advance angle) + BOOST + TURBO < 60 degrees


Product Parameter:

Continued Current:120A

Burst Current:760A

Supported Voltage:2-3S lithium battery

BEC Output:6-5V/3-5A Linear regulator mode

Fan Operating Voltage:5V@0.16A, Max:13V(Direct voltage from battery without DC regulating)

Motor Connection Line:12 AWG

Battery Connection Line:12 AWG

Dimensions(Including fan):41x39x32mm

Weight(Including accessories):112g

Motor Type Supported:Sensored brushless mtors   

Cars Applicable:Drifts/on-road cars/ off-road cars