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RCOMG Co.,Ltd.

The RCOMG belongs to Shenzhen Ruix Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2010, dedicated to the research and development, production, sales of electronic products in the model field, and providing customized services to customers.

We have very rich experience in product development

RCOMG has long-term in-depth cooperation with drift car drivers, top helicopter pilots, off-road drivers, and large fixed-wing 3D pilots in North America Europe Southeast Asia China. Since the establishment of the company, we have conducted in-depth cooperation with dozens of professional factory players. The players directly participate in the research and development of new products under the RCOMG brand. Before the new products are officially released, we will conduct a lot of actual environmental testing. This way can guarante the safety and reliability of the product.

We have a very rich product positioning strategy

RCOMG retails directly in the Chinese market. By establishing contact with a large number of end consumers, it can quickly and accurately determine the positioning of products. We can always produce the most cost-effective products.

We have extremely powerful manufacturing capabilitiesRCOMG is located in Guangdong, China. We have the most complete and best supply chain. We have in-depth knowledge of plastic/hardware/carbon fiber/circuit board materials. We can always bring out the best characteristics of various materials to reach our product   requirements.

We can provide customers with various customized services

RCOMG has a professional team with 20 years of graphic design and photography capabilities, which can provide a large set of image promotion programs for our VIP cooperaters. RCOMG has a PRO-E/Solidworks drawing professional team, which can provide customers with different product styling designs. RCOMG has 20 years of electronic engineering The R&D team can provide customers with differentiated product designs.

We have strong detection capabilities

RCOMG invests a large amount of funds every year to purchase professional related equipment for the research and development of input products. At the same time, we also develop some special testing tools to ensure that our products meet the requirements.